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About Me

I am a 25-year-old programmer, photographer, traveler, and sticker artist. Born and raised in Southern California, but I am enthusiastic about the possibility of living somewhere new. Semi-fluent in German and Italian, and I am currently self-studying Swedish.
I love to solve puzzles, which is why I double-majored in Math and Computer Science. :)

Orange Logic

My last industry job before the Coronavirus pandemic specialized in a state-of-the-art digital asset management platform called 'Cortex,' which managed assets for big-name clients such as Boeing, Facebook, Hulu, Blizzard, and Reuters.

  • As an engineer at Orange Logic, I was responsible for implementing new features and tools, reproducing and correcting defects, and setting up fresh DAM sites for new clients.

  • I got to develop countless test-driven features for Cortex- all written in C# with strong links to SQL databases. This meant working with large amounts of data on a daily basis.

  • I designed a handful of executable applications using Windows Forms in Visual Studio, one such that cleans log files of sensitive data by use of Regex and another that imports CSV files into appropriate databases and their subsequent tables.

  • App Development

    I decided to make good use of the Covid-19 stay-at-home orders and sharpen my C# skills and UI abilities by learning how to make iOS and Android apps.

  • Priszm is a profiting iOS app I developed which manipulates a user's photo based on a series of geometric transformations.
  • Building Priszm required core graphics principles such as affine transformations, barycentric coordinates, anti-aliasing, bitmap pixel operations, and basic trigonometry and geometry.

  • I am also working on an app for both iOS and Android, which allows a user to build their own personal "bucket list." A user can add items from the general catalog of items, check them off when they are completed, and then supplement the completed items with photos and friends that were there. It will be strongly integrated with Facebook and Instagram.

  • Anduril Industries

    I was fortunate to intern with Anduril Industries, a startup created by Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey. It gave me a plethora of experience in data and image manipulation, as well as embedded systems.

  • Improved methods of regression by means of upgraded error calculations between GPS tracks and TensorFlow-generated tracks.

  • Implemented Java methods to pull time-separated images from a tower's key positions, and use protobuf communication to send them to a custom gRPC Python server. Each set of images (from the same key position) gets compared using OpenCV's normalized cross-correlation and returns a diff ratio.

  • Enhanced each tower's camera precision and calibration by using Powell's method to minimize the error function and find the optimal virtual position of each tower.

  • Personal Projects

    Here are a few side-projects that have kept me well-stimulated and familiarized me with new languages and tools.

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    • Simon (Video Game)
    •       • Periodically working on my own 2D platformer using C# in the Unity engine. Artwork is done by me as well.

    • Priszm (Image Manipulator)
    •       • Built a Python app for a Hackathon to produce geometric abstract art from a user's image. Since then, it has been turned into an iOS app (see above).

    • 8-Puzzle Solver (A.I.)
    •       • Used A* search along with various Heuristics to search through all possible moves until a goal to the 8-puzzle is found.


    These are my most relevant skills, categorized as best as possible.

    Computer Science


    Most comfortable working with:

  • C++ (including STL, Boost, and many other libraries)
  • C#
  • Python (including a number of modules/libraries)
  • Server Query Language (SQL)
  • Proficient in working with:

  • Java
  • Protobuf with gRPC
  • Haskell
  • Tools and methodologies under my belt:

  • Object-oriented programming and algorithm design.
  • GitHub, Docker, AWS, NewRelic, DataDog
  • OpenGL rendering, ray tracing, HLSL shaders, and the linear algebra and trigonometry that form these.
  • Image manipulation with libraries such as OpenCV, OpenGL, PIL (Python Image Library)
  • Data processing with data formats such as JSON, CSV, and XML.
  • Multi-threaded programming/concurrency, A.I., basic machine learning.
  • Embedded systems and robotics.
  • Mathematics


    Linear Algebra Strengths:

  • Image Manipulation, Matrix transformations, Gaussian methods, Eigensystems, Matrix Decomposition
  • Numerical Method Strengths:

  • Quadrature techniques, Regression methods, Fourier Transformations, Interpolation, Runge-Kutta, Function Maximization/Minimization
  • Other Math Experience:

  • Computational Geometry
  • Calculus (Differential Equations, 3D integration)
  • Topology
  • Graph Theory
  • Combinatorics
  • Optimization
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Other Relevant Skills


  • Natural eye for graphic design and visual aesthetics.
  • Ambitious towards learning, and very fast at picking up new things.
  • Multilingual with German, Italian, and a bit of Swedish.
  • Contact Me

    Phone: 909 809 7207
    Email: itsdavidweber@gmail.com